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William C. Quackenbush,


William C. Quackenbush

My law practice has been devoted to counseling only employees for more than thirty years, during which time I have represented or assisted a few thousand employees. My emphasis has been on discrimination and harassment claims, including sex discrimination, sexual harassment, disability harassment, age discrimination, and reduction-in-force claims. I have been included in Best Lawyers in America every year since 1995.  The vast majority of my cases have been resolved through negotiation or mediation, rather than through litigation in court. I am a co-author of "Wrongful Employment Termination Practice" (published by CEB).

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I have helped to develop California law in favor of employees’ rights by having argued (or co-argued) several cases before the California Supreme Court.

For example:

  • Guz v. Bechtel National Inc. (2000) 24 Cal. 4th 317 (implied good-cause contracts, summary judgment burdens as to age discrimination claims under FEHA, and reductions in force)

  • Kelly v. Methodist Hospital of So. Cal. (2000) 22 Cal. 4th 1108 (exemption under FEHA for non-profit religious corporations)

  • Peatros v. Bank of America NT&SA (2000 22 Cal. 4th 147 (whether National Bank Act preempts national bank officers' FEHA claims)

  • Carrisales v. Dept. of Corrections (1999) 21 Cal. 4th 1132 (whether coworkers are subject to personal liability under FEHA for their own acts of harassment)

  • Green v. Ralee Engineering Co. (1998) 19 Cal. 4th 66 ("Tameny" claims may be premised upon federal or state regulations)

  • McKeon v. Mercy Healthcare Sacramento (1998) 19 Cal. 4th 321 (scope of religious non-profit organization exemption under FEHA)

  • Cotran v. Rollins Hudig Hall Int. (1998) 17 Cal. 4th 93 (meaning of "good cause" under implied contract, where plaintiff denies having engaged in misconduct that was the basis for termination)

  • Mullins v. Rockwell International (1997) 15 Cal. 4th 731 (commencement of statutes of limitations in constructive discharge cases)

  • Romano v. Rockwell International (1996) 14th Cal. 4th 479 (commencement of statues of limitations in wrongful discharge cases)

  • Lazar v. Superior Court (1996) 12 Cal. 4th 631 (requirements for claim of fraud in the inducement of employment contracts)

  • Jennings v. Marralle (1994) 8 Cal. 4th 121 (liability for age discrimination by employers exempt from FEHA)

  • Turner v. Anheuser-Busch, Inc. (1994) 7 Cal. 4th 1238 (requirements for claims of constructive discharge)


LL.B., Loyola University School of Law, Los Angeles, CA, 1972.

B.S., Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA, 1966.



You may phone me or send an email with a brief description of your employment situation and/or concerns. I will respond promptly, and I look forward to assisting you. 

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